Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An excerpt from "Blood Rocks and Icy Waters"

"Can you fly, little man?" The large man laughed coldly, "'Cause your pet dragons left you." Marduck said nothing, glaring up at the man. Even now, he could feel his control slipping, his connection to the earth weakening. He knew he couldn't keep this up much longer and he had no more tricks up his sleeves. As much as he tried to hide it, he was as sore and tired as his draconic companions. As a last ditch attempt, Marduck slowly began the process of turning himself into water.

Before he could even start, he was startled out of concentration by the feeling of being plucked off the ground by the scruff of his collar. He looked down at his dangling feet, before glancing upward. He saw above him a icy white and blue European dragon, female in appearance if he recalled correctly, the size of a mid sized hut. The dragon lifted her serpentine neck and swung him lightly to her back, placing him down about her shoulder region. The only halfway intelligent thing that came out of his mouth was, "Huh?"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Devil Child pt7

So Lord Darkenhelm planed. On Candi's 5th Birthday, her father told her that her birthday present was to help him in a ritual for Hextor. Candi was thrilled and agreed to help him.

Half-way though, Lord Darkenhelm make an attack on Candi. Candi, scared and not sure what was going on, pushed her father back with an Eldrich Blast, knocking him into the Sacrificial flame, ending the ritual and making her more powerful than ever. Candi then ran home, packed a bag, and gathered food and Hexxie, and ran away, never to be seen in this town again.

This is all I have written for Candi thus far. I have the plot for how she meets 'Unca Tom and Aunt Bambi', as well as the notes from the rpg Candi was designed for. I might write more later, but I think I'll work on something else for now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Devil Child pt6

After Lady Scarlet died, Lord Darkenhelm started spending even more time with the church, reading old books and starting more wars with the Heironions. He knew he was getting old and claimed he wanted to live to see Candi get older. His real reason was because he wanted to have a male heir. Even though Candi was a gift from Hextor, a male would be much more useful. He eventually found a ritual that would bring his dead wife forcibly back to life. The only component he needed was a young blood relative. What better way to get his wife back than to get rid of the daughter she hated? Sure, she was blessed by Hextor, but he was sure she couldn't be of too much use to him. After all, she was just a girl.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Devil Child pt5

Shortly thereafter, Lady Scarlet found out she was pregnant. Not wanting another Devil child, she committed suicide. Lord Darkenhelm and Candi were both heartbroken by this. Candi even felt her mother die and watched her spirit leave. Her mother's final words to her were "I'm finally rid of you Devil Child. Find someone else's life to ruin."

While Lord Darkenhelm told Candi it wasn't her fault, to this day Candi believes her mommy killed herself because she didn't love Candi.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Devil Child pt4

The 'Doll' in question was actually a soft replica of Hextor. A 'Beginner's Holy Symbol', the priest said. Candi loved it to death. It could change form, adding to it's creepiness, between a small pillow-esque verion of Hextor's holy symbol, and Hextor's two forms; Battle and Human Avatar. It could also mend itself at will. Candi loved to watch it fix itself, as she was rather rough on her toys. The Doll was also what sparked Candi's intrest in magic items. She named it "Hexxie".

Candi began talking at the age of 10 months. The first 'Word' out of her mouth was spoken in Dark Speech, the language of evil, and caused the bathtub to turn into dust. By the age of 16 months, Candi could channel reddish purple energy though her hands, and felt the urge to show it off by blowing up chairs. By the age of two, Candi could see in the dark and often reported seeing ghosts and Fey. Her father couldn't be prouder.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Devil Child pt3

Hextor thought it over, and desided that the Devil would put a minor curse on Lord Darkenhelm so that his first child would be a girl, knowing Lord Darkenhelm needed a male heir. He would also get to do with the Child as he wished. The girl would be Hextor's child.

Lord Darkenhelm agreed to the curse. He could always have more than one child. With a knowing smirk, the Devil made Lady Scarlet love Lord Darkenhelm. They got married, and soon after had a little girl with deep red eyes. They named her Candice Darkenhelm. Lord Darkenhelm fell in love with his young daughter, and praised Hextor for giving her to him. He swore he would raise her to worship and adore Hextor.

Lady Scarlet hated the child. She thought that it was the most despicable creature she had ever laid eyes on. She hated the child's soft blonde hair and pale skin, the same shades exactly as her own. She hated the intelligent ruby eyes that shone lovingly up a her. But most of all she hated the damn DOLL the high priest had given the child. The doll was evil.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Devil Child pt2

Her Mommy was the most beautiful woman in town, and one of the richest. She had caught the eye of every man in town. Candi's father, Lord Darkenhelm, had asked Candi's mother, Lady Scarlet, to marry him. She refused, saying that she would never marry a follower of Hextor.

Lord Darkenhelm was not happy about this. So he prayed to Hextor. Hextor, hearing his loyal worshiper's prayer, sent down a lesser Devil to talk to Lord Darkenhelm. Lord Darkenhelm was willing to give anything to have Lady Scarlet. The Devil didn't want his soul, it was too old and of no use to him, so he went back to Hextor to find out what they should accept.